Recent tests at Belmont have independently validated the exceptional performance of the HEXTA-002 electronic target system.

20140508_111333_crop_rIn May 2014 a syndicate of MDRA clubs conducted its own rigorous testing of accuracy and reliability as part of its tendering process for an electronic target system for the Duncan Range at Belmont, Queensland. The syndicate placed a high value on accuracy as it intends to use the targets for the highest levels of competition.

A report on this evaluation, including summary results, has just been published in Australian Target Rifle magazine, published by the NRAA.

The syndicate went about the evaluation in a rigorous manner, developing their own test protocol and conducting the tests independently.

We are happy to say that results confirmed the high accuracy of the HEXTA-002 system at 300 and 1,000 yards. In fact, there was a very close correlation with the accuracy results that HEX Systems has previously published.


Our claims have now been independently validated.

Here is a comparison of the summary data┬╣. The results are for tests where the shots were aimed at the centre of the target. SD is Standard Deviation.

results comparison table┬╣ Belmont test data provided with permission of the MDRA Syndicate.