“…Without a doubt it is the best of the three I have ever shot and I know of one more, that again is far behind your system.”
Mark Thurtell, Lyndhurst Rifle Club

HEX Systems is a leading developer and manufacturer of innovative electronic target solutions. We produce what is currently the most advanced electronic target system in the world. We are dedicated to the development of exciting new products with high accuracy and reliability that improve and promote shooting sport, help shooters maximise their potential and make their sport more enjoyable.

We are a proudly Australian company that sees a bright future for Australian technology. Our products are developed and manufactured in Australia to satisfy customers the world over.

We have a firm belief in the ability of twenty-first century technologies to deliver inspiring new products that can be enhanced with dazzling new features as they become available.

We reject the cynical business model of ‘designed obsolescence’ – where your purchase is quickly superseded – and instead design our products for upgradeability and compatibility, so that your system can get better and better with time without becoming obsolete.

Latest news:

Acoustic chamber targets: what you need to know!

Some shooters have asked if we could make a “budget” target with open sensors. The simple answer is: Only if you don’t care about accuracy! The acoustic chamber is essential if you want even basic levels of accuracy and reliability.

Target and Bullet with Shockwave

There’s a lot more to it, of course. So we’ve published a new article, Acoustic chamber targets: what you need to know. It explains how the acoustic chamber works and why it’s essential for accuracy and reliability.

And we should know – early in HEXTA’s development we tested open-sensor designs – and rejected them!

The acoustic chamber – formed between two rubber membranes – isolates the acoustic sensors from all manner of environmental influences. The potential errors from these sources are so significant that without the chamber an electronic target is effectively unsuitable for competition at any level.

The article is the latest in a series from HEX Systems intended to give the shooting community the information they need to get the most from electronic targets, now and into the future.

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