Month: June 2011

Doug King Masters Invitational Shoot


Dear Friends,

Thanks to you all for bearing witness to the world first shooting competition viewed in real time via the internet!

We would like to thank everyone who stayed with us, who called us and who contacted us via SMS and e-mail. We also want to thank all Hornsby club shooters for their warm acceptance of our system.

Overall, both HexSystems and the Hornsby Rifle Club were very satisfied with the shooting session and the performance of the HEXTA-001. Shooters, scorers and spectators used up to 12 simultaneously connected clients/monitors for two targets. Some observers used their own mobile phones, pads and laptops too.

At the end of the day the Hornsby Rifle Club held presentation in which they thanked HEX Systems for the systems, and of course we thanked the club for trialling it in such an important event!

HEX Systems also would like to thank Roseville Rifle Clib for helping with the training and for setting up the range.

The complete logs of theĀ Doug King Masters Invitational Shoot using HEXTA-001 electronic targets (3 sessions: 300m, 500m and 500m) are available HERE

Real Time online results is introduced on HEXTA-001

HEX Systems Pty Ltd is proud to announce that at 9am (Sydney Time GMT+10:00), on this Sunday, 26th June 2011 at Hornsby Rifle Range, Hornsby Rifle Club will host the Doug King Masters Invitational Shoot using HEXTA-001 electronic targets. This will be the world’s first shooting competition, which the results are automatically published and available for viewing online, world-wide, live and in real time!

The page will operate the same way as the existing online page does.

The live shooting session is in progress now. Please watch.

Note: You will need to use only FireFox or Google Chrome browsers as it does not work with Internet Explorer yet (under development).

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