It was a big weekend for HEXTA – the debut of the new HEXTA-002 at Belmont on Saturday, and the Gosford OPM using HEXTA-001 targets on Sunday!

Successful demonstration of a new-generation electronic target – HEXTA-002

We are pleased to report that the first public demonstration of the new HEXTA-002 system was held at Belmont on Saturday 20th October 2012, at the invitation of the Queensland Rifle Association.

The two HEXTA-002 fully wireless targets took about 90 minutes to install on the morning of the demonstration, and were ready to roll at 11 am. The system worked perfectly all day, and many local club members had a chance to shoot on the system.

Shooter trying the new HEXTA-002

The response was overwhelmingly positive from those who saw and tried the system.

Shooters said they liked:

  • The easy readability of the display (a genuine sun-readable device)
  • The portability of the small wireless monitors
  • The total absence of cabling on the mound and at the butts
  • The rapid response time of displayed results
  • The ability to see your group on-screen as you go
  • The ability to view neighbouring targets at the press of a button

One shooter couldn’t get enough, and spent about 45 minutes on the mound unloading all his ammunition!

Click here to see the shooting plots from this event*
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Here’s what Meichelle Knudsen, of Beaudesert RC, said about the HEXTA-002:

“I just think it’s so much better than any other electronic targets we’ve trialled. And so compact, not to mention reliable and accurate. I hope the clubs take your product on board. Bring it on!”

HEX Systems would like to thank the Queensland Rifle Association for their generosity in allowing us to use their superb facility, accommodating us in such comfort and giving us the opportunity to spread the word on HEXTA in Queensland!

Gosford OPM – the first Open held on HEXTA targets

On Sunday 21st October 2012 Gosford Rifle Club held its Open Prize Meeting using five HEXTA-001 targets. This was the first time that an Open Prize Meeting has been held using HEXTA targets.

The day was a great success, there were many visitors in a field of 63, and lots of positive things were said about the HEXTA targets. Mark Buchanan from Roseville RC came away with the prize on the day.

You may view the results here*:     Stage1     Stage2     Stage3

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A large TV in the club house was connected to the system, displaying the target images live during the competition.

Additionally, a new system of preregistration of entries was used, so that all entrants were registered in the HEXTA database before shooting started.