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Composite Team Competition is introduced.

An exciting new feature has been added to the Hexta Competition format for teams’ competitions.

With a growing level of interest in mixed discipline teams’ competition formats, for example mixed F-Class teams (made up of F-Std, F Open and FTR shooters) or composite teams of TR, F-Std, F Open and FTR, it is now possible to display the team results in a Hexta Competition. Click HERE for Combined view.

HEXTA debuts in North America

The first major match on HEXTA electronic targets in North America was held at Reade Range, Pennsylvania, on June 2-3. The 2017 Remington Open Long Range Regional Championships saw 75 competitors firing on 20 brand new HEXTA targets from 1000 yards.

Reade Range’s 10-target system was commissioned only a week earlier. Bridgeville Rifle & Pistol Club, Delaware, who also purchased 10 targets, loaned theirs to Reade Range for the event.

The prestigious event drew competitors from far afield. Ellis Berry, from North Carolina, who took out the silver in F-TR, was enthusiastic. “I’ve competed on electronic targets a few times now, and this is the first time I felt like I was’t competing against the targets!”

Golds were taken out by Nate Guernsey (Palma), Bill Gelet (Any Rifle), Becky Knickerbacker (F-TR) and Ken Livengood (F-Open), who shot a national record 200.17 (unofficial) in Match 1.

The next major event for the targets will be the 2017 Cabela’s Mid-Atlantic Long Range Regionals at Bridgeville Rifle & Pistol Club, Delaware, on June 24-25.

Photos: Jacob Friesen

HEXTA debuts at Bisley

HEXTA electronic targets were demonstrated for the first time at the National Rifle Association, Bisley, UK, on Sunday, 22nd January 2017. Two targets were used for a morning shoot at 1,000 yards by members of the Bisley-based Wandsworth Rifle Club on a very chilly Stickledown Range.
Australian HEX Systems Marketing Manager  Bruce Daniel and UK representative engineer Kevin Hill installed the target system the previous Tuesday and test shots were being fired within two hours.

First-time HEXTA users enjoyed the experience. Tom Laing-Baker, who put down the first string of ten with a creditable 50.9, was enthusiastic. “It’s an excellent system. Couldn’t fault it. It’s the way of the future!” he said.

The targets are being demonstrated by HEX Systems at the invitation of the NRA, who is conducting an evaluation of various brands of electronic target to assess their suitability for use on the historic Stickledown range, home of the annual Bisley Imperial Meeting.

30 targets now in operation at Belmont

18 new HEXTA-002 targets have now been added to the existing 12 on the range at Belmont. With a total of 30 targets, the Duncan Range is now the largest installation of electronic targets in the Southern Hemisphere.

Fullbore clubs on the range purchased 12 targets, so now all clubs are using the electronic targets. The Queensland Rifle Association purchased an additional 6 targets to augment the clubs’ targets for major events.

30 Targets at Belmont


Acoustic chamber targets: what you need to know!

Some shooters have asked if we could make a “budget” target with open sensors. The simple answer is: Only if you don’t care about accuracy! The acoustic chamber is essential if you want even basic levels of accuracy and reliability.

Target and Bullet with Shockwave

There’s a lot more to it, of course. So we’ve published a new article, Acoustic chamber targets: what you need to know. It explains how the acoustic chamber works and why it’s essential for accuracy and reliability.

And we should know – early in HEXTA’s development we tested open-sensor designs – and rejected them!

The acoustic chamber – formed between two rubber membranes – isolates the acoustic sensors from all manner of environmental influences. The potential errors from these sources are so significant that without the chamber an electronic target is effectively unsuitable for competition at any level.

The article is the latest in a series from HEX Systems intended to give the shooting community the information they need to get the most from electronic targets, now and into the future.

And now… talking targets!

Announcing the latest innovation for HEXTA electronic targets. With the most recent software upgrade – free to all HEXTA users – HEX Systems has implemented an audible report of shot scores.

Each time a shot is received by the system the HEXTA monitors speak the score. So now you don’t even have to look at the monitor if you don’t want to!

It’s also useful to wake up sleepy scorers!

Check out the video. Turn the sound ON!!


HEXTA real-time shooting online – Take a tour

In 2011 HEX Systems pioneered real-time online display of shooting results for fullbore competition.
In 2014 HEXTA real-time functionality was fully integrated with HEXTA electronic target systems and is provided as a free service to all HEXTA users.
Anyone can watch real-time shooting on any Saturday afternoon at – from anywhere in the world!
Here’s a sample of what you’re missing if you’re not shooting with HEXTA!


Now in 2015 we’ve just implemented a new feature. Aggregate scores are now calculated automatically on the real-time results page. So you can run an event using HEXTA as your results database.


Paperless competition, live real-time online results

On Saturday, 6th December 2014, the North Shore District Rifle Association conducted their first paperless competition at the Hornsby Rifle Range using HEXTA electronic targets. The occasion was the NSDRA Christmas Shoot.

Something is unusual? Scorer has no paper cards!

Something is unusual? Scorer has no paper cards!

With the recent advances in the HEXTA online database the NSDRA was confident they could run the event without manual scorecards.

Shot results were uploaded automatically in real time and displayed on the homepage of the HEXTA database. HEX Systems first trialled real-time upload in 2011 at the Hornsby Rifle Range, and now all users of HEXTA targets can connect their systems to the internet and their results will be uploaded in real time.

Real-time results on the HEXTA online database homepage

Real-time results on the HEXTA online database homepage

Adrian Bonnani, a member of Hornsby RSL Rifle Club and the statistician for the event, said the system performed flawlessly. He sees many advantages in running without scorecards.

“I believe that the lack of a scorecard improves the accuracy of results. We often find mistakes in manual scorecards, and there were no mistakes today” Adrian said.

“The scorer has to be more focused on what the shooter is doing. And both scorer and shooter have to keep a closer eye on the score for each shot. They can fix any problems immediately.”

Adrian said that because there is no data entry it eliminates human errors in transcribing the results to the stats system.

You can watch real-time shooting online of a Saturday afternoon at wherever you are.

Independent tests confirm HEXTA superior accuracy

Recent tests at Belmont have independently validated the exceptional performance of the HEXTA-002 electronic target system.

20140508_111333_crop_rIn May 2014 a syndicate of MDRA clubs conducted its own rigorous testing of accuracy and reliability as part of its tendering process for an electronic target system for the Duncan Range at Belmont, Queensland. The syndicate placed a high value on accuracy as it intends to use the targets for the highest levels of competition.

A report on this evaluation, including summary results, has just been published in Australian Target Rifle magazine, published by the NRAA.

The syndicate went about the evaluation in a rigorous manner, developing their own test protocol and conducting the tests independently.

We are happy to say that results confirmed the high accuracy of the HEXTA-002 system at 300 and 1,000 yards. In fact, there was a very close correlation with the accuracy results that HEX Systems has previously published.


Our claims have now been independently validated.

Here is a comparison of the summary data¹. The results are for tests where the shots were aimed at the centre of the target. SD is Standard Deviation.

results comparison table¹ Belmont test data provided with permission of the MDRA Syndicate.



HEXTA targets for Belmont

HEX Systems has signed a contract with a syndicate of MDRA clubs for the supply of a 12-target HEXTA-002 system for installation at the Duncan Range, Belmont, Queensland.

Duncan Range is the premier range in Australia and the largest range in the southern hemisphere.

The syndicate received a grant from the Queensland Government towards the cost of the targets. The targets are due for installation in October and will be used at ranges from 300 to 1,000 yards.

(From left) John Menzel (Natives), Andrew Mayfield President QRA, John Caske (Natives), Bruce Daniel HEX Systems, John Johnstone (University) and Steve Minnikin Member for Chatsworth

(From left) John Menzel (Natives), Andrew Mayfield President QRA, John Caske (Natives), Bruce Daniel HEX Systems, John Johnstone (University) and Steve Minnikin Member for Chatsworth

The syndicate conducted a competitive tendering process, and HEX Systems was selected as the preferred tenderer. As part of its evaluation the syndicate performed thorough testing of reliability and accuracy of the HEXTA-002 at 300 and 1,000 yards. These independent results closely validated the results already published by HEX Systems.

See the QRA website for more.

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