And now… talking targets!

Announcing the latest innovation for HEXTA electronic targets. With the most recent software upgrade – free to all HEXTA users – HEX Systems has implemented an audible report of shot scores.

Each time a shot is received by the system the HEXTA monitors speak the score. So now you don’t even have to look at the monitor if you don’t want to!

It’s also useful to wake up sleepy scorers!

Check out the video. Turn the sound ON!!

One Response to “And now… talking targets!”

  • Rob:

    The idea is fantastic yet not so helpful when we realise that most shooters are deaf to some degree and that hearing protection is worn at all times. Might it be possible that earmuffs that incorporate a headphone to listen to music etc could be connected to the scorer monitor to wake up the scorer and the shooter could also be wired for sound! If nothing else the call will awaken either one or other and perhaps both!

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