Electronic Target System HEXTA-002

HEXTA-002 Shooting Range Structure (pdf, 3.3mB)

  • Fully wireless1,3 – all the way from target to display – no unreliable connectors and cables on the ground; even easier to set up and pack away; monitors are fully portable.
  • Unparalleled accuracy and reliability with:
    • HEXTA 8-sensor technology2,3 for extremely high accuracy and 1 million times lower probability of unregistered shots
    • Advanced position determination algorithm and error correction3
    • Fully digital electronics for maximum immunity to electromagnetic interference
    • Shoot out a sensor and keep shooting – still more accurate than a 4-sensor system
    • Modular connection means one faulty target won’t affect the others
    • No need for calibration on the range – targets are factory calibrated
    • Unaffected by angle of impact – unaffected by target movement or shooter position
  • Flexibility– each shooting lane is independent of the others, so lanes can be set up and packed away at any time without affecting other lanes
  • Scalability– easily configured for ranges of 100 targets or more
  • ICFRA compliant– the e-target that’s fully compliant with ICFRA target dimensions – measures shots over the whole 2400 x 1800 target area (there is no ‘dead’ area in the target perimeter)
  • All ranges from 300 to 1000 yards
  • Active scorer interface3 – unique to HEXTA – allows scorer to cut sighters, disclaim shots and record misses in the traditional way, so the results on the screen match the scorer’s sheet
  • LOOK function3 allows shooters to quickly view the shots on other targets on the range. Spectators can view current sessions and earlier ones too
  • Wi-fi connectivity – with HEXTA’s built-in web server, any wi-fi device with a web browser (laptop, smartphone, tablet) can be used as a monitor, for shooting, scoring or spectating – no special configuration required
  • Upgradability – new features easily added as they become available with simple software upgrades
  • Maintainability – commercially available components used widely. Maintenance routines are easy and cheap
  • Developed, manufactured and supported in Australia – support is just a phone call away

1Australian Innovation Patent 2013,100,484.

2Australian Innovation Patent 2013,101,664 and 2014,101,039.

3Australian and international patent 9,004,490

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The product HEXTA-001 is now obsoleted

All customers who purchased HEXTA-001 have been upgraded to HEXTA-002. Information on the HEXTA-001 can be found HERE