We are pleased to publish a summary of recent accuracy test data for the HEXTA-002 electronic target.

About the tests:

  • 564 shot fired on a total of 16 targets at three locations
  • Ranges from 300 m to 1,000 y
  • Calibres .308, .223 and 6 mm
  • Target condition varied from new to moderately used

The tests were performed by HEX Systems between August 2013 and January 2014 on properly maintained targets.

We encourage users to implement a regime of ongoing testing to ensure their targets always perform to the highest level of accuracy. Proper maintenance is also essential.

Here is a breakdown of the test shots showing calibres used, number of targets tested, and range distances used. HEXTA-002 accuracy results picture1

Radial errors

We prefer to present results in terms of radial error (in the radial direction, like the sun’s rays) because it is the radial component of the errors that affect scores.

The error is expressed in terms of standard deviation, in mm and in MOA (minutes of arc). Approximately 2/3 of shots would be expected to have an error within one standard deviation.

By doubling the standard deviation we can estimate the error that 95% of shots would be expected to fall within.

HEXTA-002 accuracy results picture2

Alternatively, the results may be expressed as errors in x and y directions, or as absolute linear errors. These are presented below.


Errors in the x and y directions

Here are the HEXTA-002 error results, expressed as x-direction (horizontal) and y-direction (vertical) components.

HEXTA-002 accuracy results picture3a

MOA = minutes of arc


Absolute linear errors

Here are the HEXTA-002 error results, expressed as absolute linear errors. The maximum error result for each range is also shown.

HEXTA-002 accuracy results picture4

MOA = minutes of arc


Gross errors

With HEXTA 8-sensor technology we have effectively eliminated what other manufacturers term ‘gross errors’ – occasional results where the error is very large, or worse, where the shot does not register at all. (see ozfclass.com forum and here)