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Successful OPM at Mount Barker

Last Sunday, 23 February, 2014, the No. 2 DRA Open Prize Meeting (3 stages x 600 yards) was held at Mount Barker Rifle Club, SA.

HEXTA designer Dmitri Kazakov came first at A grade with the TR badge.

For a full report, see the Mount Barker RC and Roseville RC websites.

IMG_2213aOn the Saturday before the event HEXTA engineers conducted accuracy tests on the five targets to be used in the competition. The raw data and results (see HERE) were available for the shooters during the event.

Error results (at 600 yards):

Standard Deviation (SD):  X-direction: 0.9 mm (0.006 MOA);  Y-direction: 0.9 mm (0.006 MOA)

Maximum error:  X-direction: 2.6 mm;  Y-direction: 2.2 mm

The details are available HERE


HEXTA-002 accuracy results released

We are pleased to publish a summary of recent accuracy test data for the HEXTA-002 electronic target.

The results show an average linear error of 2.5 mm (0.009 MOA) at 1,000 yards.

The key to this performance is HEXTA’s unique 8-sensor technology 1.

We are confident that the HEXTA-002 is the most accurate long-range electronic target system available today.

HEXTA-002 accuracy results picture4

See the HEXTA-002 accuracy results.

1 Australian Innovation Patent 2013,101,664. International patents 9,004,490

Two more demo’s and an OPM

It was another successful fortnight for the new HEXTA-002 electronic target, with two major demonstrations and an OPM all going off without a hitch.IMG_1129

On Saturday 23rd February Mount Barker and District Rifle Club held a demonstration of its HEXTA targets, with attendances from all over South Australia. The following day Mount Barker held the No. 2 DRA Open Prize Meeting, attracting a field of 50. Both events went off without a problem, and there was lots of excitement about the HEXTA targets.

Open TR winner Phil Bradshaw from C.T.V. Rifle Club was won over by the experience, and praised the HEXTA system at the presentation.

Congratulations to Mt Barker Rifle Club for showing the initiative to purchase the system, and to No. 2 DRA for holding the prize with the targets,” Phil said. “I found the HEXTA simple and easy to use – I picked it up first time, no problems. And I think it helps shooters – it helped me at one stage to centre my group because I could see the whole group as it formed.

The following Sunday saw a successful demonstration at the McIntosh Rifle Range at the invitation of Canberra Rifle Club. The demonstration, using two 6 ft targets, was the latest phase of evaluation by the club of suitable system.


The response to the performance and usability of the HEXTA-002 on the day was overwhelmingly positive.

The outcome was also somewhat of a landmark for club members as previous e-targets trialled on the range have fallen foul of the ‘Canberra gremlins’ – reportedly due to interference from the nearby airport radar.

The result was no surprise to HEX Systems engineers, however, who used best-practice design in order to minimise the risk of electromagnetic interference, and are confident that the system can be used on any range.


HEX Systems would like to thank the Mount Barker and District Rifle Club, the Canberra Rifle Club and the Bungendore Rifle Club and their members for holding these events, and for their generous hospitality during our visits.


Mount Barker “rapt” in their HEXTA-002 system

Mount Barker Rifle Club (SA) are so impressed with their two-target HEXTA-002 system, installed in November 2012, that after some use they’ve decided to order a third target.

Club representative Brian Brittain was effusive. “As expected there were a few skeptics, but once we got moving we flew through the second round of shooting and all members without exception were amazed at the simplicity of the user interface and the ability to see what was happening on the scorer’s screen,” he said.

“On behalf of all those present, I would say we are all absolutely rapt in the product.”

The club will be using the HEXTA targets for their OPM in February 2013, by which time further refinements to the user interface will be implemented, in response to suggestions by local users.

A big weekend for HEXTA

It was a big weekend for HEXTA – the debut of the new HEXTA-002 at Belmont on Saturday, and the Gosford OPM using HEXTA-001 targets on Sunday!

Successful demonstration of a new-generation electronic target – HEXTA-002

We are pleased to report that the first public demonstration of the new HEXTA-002 system was held at Belmont on Saturday 20th October 2012, at the invitation of the Queensland Rifle Association.

The two HEXTA-002 fully wireless targets took about 90 minutes to install on the morning of the demonstration, and were ready to roll at 11 am. The system worked perfectly all day, and many local club members had a chance to shoot on the system.

Shooter trying the new HEXTA-002

The response was overwhelmingly positive from those who saw and tried the system.

Shooters said they liked:

  • The easy readability of the display (a genuine sun-readable device)
  • The portability of the small wireless monitors
  • The total absence of cabling on the mound and at the butts
  • The rapid response time of displayed results
  • The ability to see your group on-screen as you go
  • The ability to view neighbouring targets at the press of a button

One shooter couldn’t get enough, and spent about 45 minutes on the mound unloading all his ammunition!

Click here to see the shooting plots from this event*
*Please ensure that your browser has java script enabled.

Here’s what Meichelle Knudsen, of Beaudesert RC, said about the HEXTA-002:

“I just think it’s so much better than any other electronic targets we’ve trialled. And so compact, not to mention reliable and accurate. I hope the clubs take your product on board. Bring it on!”

HEX Systems would like to thank the Queensland Rifle Association for their generosity in allowing us to use their superb facility, accommodating us in such comfort and giving us the opportunity to spread the word on HEXTA in Queensland!

Gosford OPM – the first Open held on HEXTA targets

On Sunday 21st October 2012 Gosford Rifle Club held its Open Prize Meeting using five HEXTA-001 targets. This was the first time that an Open Prize Meeting has been held using HEXTA targets.

The day was a great success, there were many visitors in a field of 63, and lots of positive things were said about the HEXTA targets. Mark Buchanan from Roseville RC came away with the prize on the day.

You may view the results here*:     Stage1     Stage2     Stage3

*Please ensure that your browser has java script enabled.

A large TV in the club house was connected to the system, displaying the target images live during the competition.

Additionally, a new system of preregistration of entries was used, so that all entrants were registered in the HEXTA database before shooting started.

The facts about shared-target shooting

Shared-target shooting is a hot topic at the moment. It’s an appealing option, because you can do the same amount of shooting on fewer targets.

But it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. There are risks. If you’re shooting randomly, there’s an increased risk of missed shots (that’s the target missing the shot, not the other way around!). And there’s the risk of ‘crossed shots’ – where two shooters’ shot results get mixed up without the shooters knowing about it.

If you’re aware of the risks and are comfortable with them, shared-target shooting may be for you. But if you’re considering buying such a system and the vendor has not explained the risks, it may be time to start asking some questions!

There’s a lot of technology associated with electronic targets, and a lot of stuff to get your head around. It’s therefore essential that good, accurate information is available in a form that you don’t need an engineering degree to understand. Only with understanding can shooters make informed decisions.

With that in mind, HEX Systems is preparing some articles on various technical aspects of electronic targets. The first of these is now available, and it’s on the topic of – you guessed it – shared-target shooting! Happy reading!

Article “Shared-target shooting on electronic targets”

Successful trial of world’s first fully wireless electronic target system

HEX Systems are pleased to report that last Saturday, 14th April, we successfully completed the first trial of two wireless targets on the Hornsby range.

Each target was self-powered by battery, and had no wires connected to it. Now that the targets themselves are wireless, the whole system is wireless all the way from target to shooter.

Nook reader acts as display


This is the first time such a system has been used anywhere in the world!


The fully wireless configuration will result in much easier installation and setup.

The wireless targets were connected into Roseville Rifle Club’s existing HEXTA system and operated in parallel with the remaining two HEXTA-001 targets, which continued to function normally.

The new features will be incorporated in an updated version of the HEXTA system, to be released soon.

Doug King Masters Invitational Shoot


Dear Friends,

Thanks to you all for bearing witness to the world first shooting competition viewed in real time via the internet!

We would like to thank everyone who stayed with us, who called us and who contacted us via SMS and e-mail. We also want to thank all Hornsby club shooters for their warm acceptance of our system.

Overall, both HexSystems and the Hornsby Rifle Club were very satisfied with the shooting session and the performance of the HEXTA-001. Shooters, scorers and spectators used up to 12 simultaneously connected clients/monitors for two targets. Some observers used their own mobile phones, pads and laptops too.

At the end of the day the Hornsby Rifle Club held presentation in which they thanked HEX Systems for the systems, and of course we thanked the club for trialling it in such an important event!

HEX Systems also would like to thank Roseville Rifle Clib for helping with the training and for setting up the range.

The complete logs of the Doug King Masters Invitational Shoot using HEXTA-001 electronic targets (3 sessions: 300m, 500m and 500m) are available HERE

Real Time online results is introduced on HEXTA-001

HEX Systems Pty Ltd is proud to announce that at 9am (Sydney Time GMT+10:00), on this Sunday, 26th June 2011 at Hornsby Rifle Range, Hornsby Rifle Club will host the Doug King Masters Invitational Shoot using HEXTA-001 electronic targets. This will be the world’s first shooting competition, which the results are automatically published and available for viewing online, world-wide, live and in real time!

The page will operate the same way as the existing online page does.

The live shooting session is in progress now. Please watch.

Note: You will need to use only FireFox or Google Chrome browsers as it does not work with Internet Explorer yet (under development).

Online score is implemented

From today, Roseville Rifle club members are able to view and print their shooting sessions online.

The web page works like the existing Slave (scorer/spectator) terminal, which will be familiar to those currently using the HEXTA-001 electronic targets terminals. In this mode viewers can select and view any target (button “Target“) and any previous sessions (“Back” and “Forward” buttons). The “Zoom” button allows you to zoom the scoring sheet in exactly the same way as on the range terminals. As with the range terminals, if you use a touch screen device you can use the screen buttons.

As with the range terminal, there is an Average Shot display (a second “X” on the sheet/screen). With the “Average shot” (in the right bottom corner of the screen) selector, viewers can select the number of shots to be averaged and displayed.

Viewers can print out scoring sheets using their browser’s built-in print function.

Currently we are testing the system with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox. We are also working to achieve compatibility with Opera web browsers.

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