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Paperless competition, live real-time online results

On Saturday, 6th December 2014, the North Shore District Rifle Association conducted their first paperless competition at the Hornsby Rifle Range using HEXTA electronic targets. The occasion was the NSDRA Christmas Shoot. With the recent advances in the HEXTA online database the NSDRA was confident they could run the event without manual scorecards. Shot results […]

Real Time online results is introduced on HEXTA-001

HEX Systems Pty Ltd is proud to announce that at 9am (Sydney Time GMT+10:00), on this Sunday, 26th June 2011 at Hornsby Rifle Range, Hornsby Rifle Club will host the Doug King Masters Invitational Shoot using HEXTA-001 electronic targets. This will be the world’s first shooting competition, which the results are automatically published and available […]

Acoustic chamber targets: what you need to know

The acoustic chamber is an essential feature of acoustic electronic targets used for shooting sport. The acoustic chamber isolates the acoustic sensors in the target frame from a range of environmental influences that would adversely affect the accuracy and reliability of the target. The potential errors are so significant that without an acoustic chamber an […]

Independent tests confirm HEXTA superior accuracy

Recent tests at Belmont have independently validated the exceptional performance of the HEXTA-002 electronic target system. In May 2014 a syndicate of MDRA clubs conducted its own rigorous testing of accuracy and reliability as part of its tendering process for an electronic target system for the Duncan Range at Belmont, Queensland. The syndicate placed a […]

HEXTA targets for Belmont

HEX Systems has signed a contract with a syndicate of MDRA clubs for the supply of a 12-target HEXTA-002 system for installation at the Duncan Range, Belmont, Queensland. Duncan Range is the premier range in Australia and the largest range in the southern hemisphere. The syndicate received a grant from the Queensland Government towards the […]

Successful OPM at Mount Barker

Last Sunday, 23 February, 2014, the No. 2 DRA Open Prize Meeting (3 stages x 600 yards) was held at Mount Barker Rifle Club, SA. HEXTA designer Dmitri Kazakov came first at A grade with the TR badge. For a full report, see the Mount Barker RC and Roseville RC websites. On the Saturday before […]

A big weekend for HEXTA

It was a big weekend for HEXTA – the debut of the new HEXTA-002 at Belmont on Saturday, and the Gosford OPM using HEXTA-001 targets on Sunday! Successful demonstration of a new-generation electronic target – HEXTA-002 We are pleased to report that the first public demonstration of the new HEXTA-002 system was held at Belmont […]


Q: Why do you use rubber membranes, which require maintenance? Isn’t it simpler to have the sensors attached to the outside of a conventional target? A: The rubber membranes form an acoustic chamber that isolates the sensors from numerous environmental effects which are detrimental to accuracy and reliability. The chamber is precisely described in the article […]

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